Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Raw Food Movement is a bit of a mess...

Good day y'all

So you come to raw food as you have met someone who has got amazing glistening eyes and a certain energy of stability, grounding yet lightness..or you have a dis-ease which makes you look at health in a new light..or you want to sort out your yo-yo weight problem once and for all..and that skin problem which has been around for a few years. Whatever your reasons for coming to living food, it is not a minor change in your life, your whole lifestyle can change. Your whole consciousness changes. Suddenly you start being aware of the plants around you, you want to take your shoes off and dance in that field. You feel like you are connected to a whole breathing living organism, you start awakening...you want to detox all that crap that you have put in your body. Those trauma's and emotions from the past start to get healed. 

You are healing.

Months go by, you start to find out about new pieces of equipment, a new "superfood" to buy, fermenting foods, raw dairy, high fat, low fat, fruit diets, wild greens, drinking urine, eating insects...

eating cooked food?! What the *^"$^.

HAHAHA. a wee bit confusing.

The raw food movement certainly is a web of contradictions and confusion. This really is such an individual journey. If you have just begun, or are a long term veteran of raw food the only way to go is YOUR way. I am so thankful of all the information out there, but people spreading the word need to remind others that there is not one UNIVERSAL diet for everyone. Life is changing. All the time. We are evolving, but all at different stages. Drop all fear surrounding food. Let's get out of our little bubble and look around at life

For me, I like to eat raw food. Simple and easy. I am not into taking lots of supplement or superfoods (although I am making raw chocolate at the moment so tasting is part of the job!). I take Kelp as a supplement for my thyroid, although I still don't know if I need to be taking it. I like fruit at the moment and having a break from the fats. I do not make heavy nut based sweet things anymore, although they do look and taste yummmmmmy. I like to experiment with herbs and I have found a new love of mushrooms. I absolutely love to go out foraging and picking things from the wild, nothing beats that. I do have some raw milk kefir and fermented foods as my digestive system is still healing from years of anxiety, drugs and alcohol and parasites. I am still very much healing. I do not feel I have reached my optimum level of health by any means, but I know I am a damned sight healthier than I used to be.

Yey! Now let's do a little dance...

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  1. Heya Jenni! I am still trying out different raw foods and loving the journey :) I've nominated you to take part in the liebster award, it's fun and a great way to get to know more about the bloggers you love, and I sure do loveee youuu :) hop over to my bloggy to see what it's about :) xx