Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Attitude of Gratitude

One of the most powerful memories I have is of laying under the blue sky on the grass one hot summer's day. The birds were singing and I could hear a plane go past in the sky. The silence behind that entered by whole being. I had no thoughts, no awareness of I, just a feeling of complete everythingness. I was listening yet part of it. I existed in that moment with the grass, the sky, the birds and the sun. The tickling of the ants on my feet were felt but no desire to react. I am free. This is heaven. This bliss. This is the space of non-duality.

When I go back to that experience in my mind it makes me cry. Not because it has gone. But it feels me with gratitude. And it feels like my heart is pouring out with thanks. Just one moment of pure clarity is a strong enough to stand as a reminder of truth.

Mooji says "tissues are for issues" but tears that come from the longing of the Divine, of God, of emptiness...these are holy waters. Allow them to flow freely. Blessed are these tears!

I believe we have all had these moments of clarity. Whilst we cannot re-create or go back to that experience, allow it to stand as a guide for you. 

Fill the heart with gratitude. 

Take some time out. 

Listen to the birds.

Immerse yourself in the perfect moment of silence.

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