Saturday, 2 January 2016

Making choices

I have often found myself saying things like "let God work for you" or "lets see how things unfold".

Acceptance and surrender are powerful ways of moving through life as they bring you to each moment as it is. We know that the mind likes to jump into the future, or get stuck in the past but both are still ok! There is no enemy here! I feel life is a journey of making choices and we can use lessons from the past or hope from the future to make these choices. Choices from the higher place.

Spiritual teachings talk about leaving all desire for the future as it only exists in our imagination. The mind likes to conjure up an image of yourself sitting on a couch like a sack of potatoes not doing anything. How do we make choices and live life if we don't have dreams or desires of the future?! But we can. If we listen to the heart, the heart guides us. It may not give you the result that the mind wants but we still have yearnings. As a human being we all have this inherent sense of evolving and to get away from suffering. Each moment gives you choices and it is the practice of listening to the heart that leads you to your dreams.

Dream big.
You can have success, money, good relationships, intimacy, health or a nice house. If that is what your heart really wants. If it is based around fear, conditioning, social conventions, lack of, then you know it is not fulfilling you.

I used to feel inadequate or not "spiritual" enough as I had secret desires of owning a converted barn with a forest garden to grow fruit and vegetables. I love fitness but kept it quiet as I thought it wasn't spiritual to push your body and mind with weights or cycling. I should be content with everything meaning I am a calm person who meditates and practices yoga all the time. Now, I embrace all my desires. I am content with them all. And I try as much as I can to be led heart over mind.

Play the game of life but AS life and in LOVE. Why not? Let's see what this year brings...

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