Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Science of Naad

All of life vibrates around sound. It has the power to transform, heal, uplift and have a lasting imprint in our subconscious mind.

Naad is a Gurbani word, the language of the Sikh's, meaning the "essence of all sounds". Kundalini Yoga's lineage has been passed down from the Sikh master's and Guru's. 

Now for the science behind Naad...
There are eighty-four meridian points on the upper palate of a human's mouth. You can feel that upper palate with the tongue and experience its different surfaces. There are two rows of meridian points on the upper palate and on the gum behind the upper teeth.

The tongue stimulates those meridian points, and they in turn stimulate the hypothalamus which makes the pineal gland radiate. When the pineal gland radiates, it creates an impulsation in the pituitary gland. When the pituitary gland gives impulsation, the entire glandular system secretes, and a human being obtains bliss. 

More than bliss. Sat (truth), Chit (Consciousness) Ananda (bliss). 

Have you ever had an experience where you are singing and you feel alive? Your heart is singing out and you feel amazing? Well chanting, reciting or singing Gurbani (or any other mantra) does that, but is also balancing your whole glandular system!

Gurbani is different from Sanskrit, the ancient Indian scripture which most yogi's are familiar with. It is not as old and there are a few more vowels added in, making it easier to recite or chant. You do not need to know what each word means for a change in consciousness to happen. It is more of a feeling your way into each word, stepping out of the mind realm and coming into the heart. It is here that the finite and the Infinite consciousness will merge.  

There are some amazing mantra's in Gurbani on the website:

Have a listen and see what you think. Mantra is a such a direct, quick route to experiencing your Self, Soul or Universal Consciousness. For me, chanting or reciting Gurbani (or any other mantra) is remembering. Remembering our Source. Our divine self. As we get lost in the world of experience and identity, any path which takes us back home is surely a good one!

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