Thursday, 19 June 2014

Coming out from the Shadow Self..Confession TIme!

I need to confess something. Ok, here goes. I believe we all need to take responsibility for ourselves and be honest, for our own sake rather than anyone else's. So I need to expose something which I have carried around for far too long. 

Sometimes I have days where I just do not like my body

It can start from when I wake up and be with me all day, or sometimes it comes and goes. It feels like it plays a constant tune in my subconscious even when I am not in conscious thought of it. I get frustrated because I do not feel comfortable in certain clothes, and then even more frustrated because I know I should be sending myself love but instead I find ways to repress, distract or numb. Normally in the form of food. 
Healthy but still using it as a drug.

I just spent the last 40 minutes writing out my "story" about my relationship with food but, you know what, I am going to drop that story. The more I tell it to myself and others, the more hold and belief it has. Past is past, future is future. 

None of it is real, it is all a complete illusion, a little game which the mind likes to play. Well mind, you can play this one on your own!

Dealing with the present moment is all that is True. And right now, I am breathing in love and breathing out guilt. I believe to break patterns it comes from breaking the emotion rather than the practicality of it. So for me, instead of overeating and feeling guilty and then looking at my body and not being happy, just releasing the guilt helps break the cycle, then there isn't as much "fuel" to eat when it isn't necessary.

 I feel there is some deep work to be done which is still firmly anchored in my subconscious but I am not yet able to see that clearly enough. aaaaaaaaa deep breath out, everything is actually fine and the work doesn't need to be "done" but allowing it all to unfold in the natural rhythm of life. I continue to nourish my mind, body and spirit with the the highest quality vibrations. I may not get it all the time, but that really doesn't matter. God is in my every breath and that is so sacred and, even though I forget, I am a Divine expansion of the Source or whatever words you want to use. As we all are. Each living thing on this planet. Even the stones. Raaaaaaar I feel a good dance session coming on!

What can you admit to yourself, or to others today?
Bear all. You will feel so much better for it.
Embracing "weaknesses" only makes them your strengths. 

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