Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What's the Occasion? Elderflower Kombucha Baby

Drinking has many things associated with it but quite often people enjoy a drink as they see it as a rewarding treat or, perhaps an occasion. It is not necessarily the effects they are after, or the taste, it's more the psychological and emotional connotations which surround drinking. 
Now I don't know if you have heard of Kombucha before, but it is a fermented probiotic drink which is slightly fizzy and a bit reminiscent of white wine (but fairly sweet!). The culture feeds off sugar and becomes carbonated when left in a tight lidded bottle out of the fridge for a couple of weeks. If it is a "strong" batch then sometimes it can make you feel a bit giddy but only in a good way. No headaches, or nasty hangovers only a happy tummy. I haven't been drinking that much Kombucha lately as I am not convinced that it eats up all the sugar and I mainly stay away from sugar, however when the occasion calls for it, Kombucha is refreshing and zesty.
I have been drinking Elderflower Kombucha as I am loving all the Elderflowers that are in abundance at the moment. We have also been making Elderflower honey, so easy and very good if you have any cold symptoms. Simply mix the flowerheads in with the honey and leave for a week to marinade. 

Elderflower Kombucha
When allowing the batch to carbonate after it has fermented, mix in the Elderflower heads. You could add in a bit of ginger as well. If you do not have a culture, look on the internet to see if anyone is offering up one of their babies in your area. Alternatively, email me or leave a comment and I could send you one. Happy brewing!

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